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Technology Showcase

Tomorrow I’m very excited to be a part of Brock’s Technology Showcase. I was fortunate enough to have taken Brock’s 8y59 course this past semester which opened my eyes to the amazing ways technology can be incorporated into the classroom. The Technology Showcase is an opportunity for teachers/teacher candidates to find out all about these amazing technologies. Here’s the summary from their website:

The intent of the fourth annual Brock Teaching with Technology Showcase is to provide a unique opportunity for teacher education candidates, practicing teachers, school administrators and university faculty members to become acquainted with the latest technological innovations available to the education community.

I’ll be running the Blogging station at the Google in the Classroom information session. I decided to start a Google doc, open to the public, that we can edit as the session progresses (since it’s a ‘Google in the Classroom’ session and all). I’ve really benefitted from reading some amazing teaching blogs, so it’s great to have to opportunity to share that experience with others.

Here’s the link to the Google doc all about blogging: Blogging Google Doc. Please feel free to contribute!

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