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In Zoe‘s tech class at Brock, it’s pretty common to hear people talking about their VATs. It’s only when I’m met by cryptic stares from people who aren’t in our class that I realize that saying ‘VAT’ all the time confuses people.

Well, in 8y59 lingo, our VAT is our Virtual Associate Teacher; someone who has a strong online presence and who is an expert at incorporating technology into the classroom. We’ve been following our VATs blogs and twitter feeds and seeking advice from our VATs since September. It’s been a really great experience.

My VAT is Danika Barker, and here is a little screencast I made taking you through a mini tour of her blog and some of the neat things she’s done.


Pretty cool VAT, right? Here is a link to her blog, and here is one to her video from unplugd where she shares a story about one of her students. Oh and don’t forget to follow her on twitter: @danikabarker.

(If you’re interested in making your own screen cast, I used the free resource at Screencast-o-matic.)

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