Cool Physics Problem

Whew! Let the teaching begin!

This week practicum has started. I’m teaching grade 9 math, and next week I’m going to expand to grade 12 physics as well. I feel like I’m finally getting a real taste of what it’s like to do this teaching thing day in and day out! So far, I’m definitely liking it.

I keep trying to think of some fun, technology related, inquiry based activities that can be done in math and/or physics class.

Next week, I’m going to start the momentum unit with the grade 12 physics class and, as I was looking up some cool youtube videos to share, I stumbled across this one.

1) I want to make this.

2) I would love to send this video out to students and say: based on the frequency of oscillations of each ball, what is the relationship between the lengths of the pendulums? It would be interesting to discuss how everyone came up with their answers.

Happy teaching!

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2 thoughts on “Cool Physics Problem

  1. Roy Dallmann says:

    For your math class or your physics: Your physics class will love the sound option near to the bottom – I seem to remember momentum being around conservation of energy. And I can’t wait to experiment with those math goodies in my second practicum. Great to hear that all is going well. (oh, and if you’re not following him, he’s a great bookmark for math teaching related discussions).

  2. emsheridan says:

    Thanks Roy! I have been following David’s blog – he’s got some fantastic math ideas. I didn’t come across that particular link yet, so thanks for sending that along. You’re right about momentum – I’ll be starting that up next week! Glad to hear that you’re enjoying your practicum, too!

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