Another reason to love PBS

You don’t have to convince me that PBS is awesome. I totally knew that already. So, when I was reading a blog post about great online resources for teachers, I wasn’t at all surprised to find PBS on the list.

What did surprise me? The number of resources that PBS has compiled for teachers. There are hundreds of great in-class activity ideas for all subject areas and grade levels. Have a look over on PBS Teachers.

PBS Teachers Screenshot

For example, when I start my teaching placement in October, I will be with a Grade 9 Math class, probably working through the Measurement unit. PBS, of course, has some great ideas. After the concept of volume gets covered, how about having the students work through an activity that involves estimating the amount of money that can fit in a certain suitcase? Just provide the students with a stack of ‘$5 bills’ (ie. paper cut out in the correct dimensions), a ruler and a suitcase. Or, have the students pretend to be Archimedes and use an interactive app that lets you estimate an upper and lower bound on pi. There are tons of ideas. And, so far, I’ve only looked at the math section.

I highly recommend taking a look. Especially now that all of us teacher candidates are up to our eyeballs in lesson plans.

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3 thoughts on “Another reason to love PBS

  1. Roy Dallmann says:

    Thank you for the heads up on PBS. Love the station, but for some reason never thought of seeking math resources there. I’m having no problems with history resources, but trying to find something for my second teaching block (math) is a struggle so far. If you haven’t visited there, head over to and OAME – both do a fairly good job of covering math resources. If you need an OAME log-in, give me a heads up. The St. Catharines math teaching prof got us log ins as students of Brock … and that should extend to Hamilton too (imho).

  2. MaryAnn says:

    Thanks Em for the great info. I’m going to take a look. Always on the hunt for new and interesting ideas. Love the idea of the estimation task of determining how many bills will fit into a suitcase. What a fun idea!

  3. emsheridan says:

    I’m glad you guys found this helpful! I’m definitely referring back to pbs for some lesson plan ideas during practicum.
    Thanks for the other links, Roy. I’m going to check those out as well. I want to amass a whole bunch of math ideas before I jump into things in a couple of weeks.

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